Tourist destinations

Consultancy, digital marketing, and development for tourist destinations

Contributing a reference tourism model based on sustainability, energy efficiency, and social responsibility will optimize the number of tourists, boost commerce, and enhance the quality of life for residents. This allows for a medium to long-term action plan, establishing a set of specific policies to shape the reference tourism model.

At freshcommerce, we can assist by designing initiatives to develop and promote the heritage, ethnographic, and cultural assets of your destination with a clear tourist focus. Through the implementation of various actions, significant areas of the territory will be enhanced. Additionally, we create or revamp your website, interconnecting it with your social networks to position the destination.

Our 3 lines of business

Consulting services
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Strategic plans based on digitization, accessibility, sustainability, and quality in destinations

A strategy designed to improve the management and development of a place, whether it's a city, a tourist region, or any other destination, by incorporating these four key elements.
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Digital marketing training for SMEs and destination entrepreneurs

Essential in today's world, as the digital realm offers numerous opportunities to effectively promote tourism-related products and services.
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Assessment of the digital readiness of businesses in the municipality

Understanding how businesses are adopting and using digital technology in their operations. This can help identify areas for improvement and opportunities to promote digital transformation in the local business environment.
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Design of customized tourism products for the tourist destination

An effective strategy to attract a variety of visitors with different interests and needs.
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Design of inclusive maps for destinations

Fundamental to ensuring that all people, regardless of their abilities or needs, can enjoy and navigate a place with ease.
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Sustainability reports for events

These reports are a valuable tool to showcase the organizers' commitment to sustainability and inform stakeholders, including participants, sponsors, and the community at large.
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Exploration of relevant certifications for the destination

Obtaining certifications relevant to a tourist destination can significantly contribute to its appeal, sustainability, and ability to attract environmentally conscious and quality-conscious visitors.
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ROI for public events

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) for public events is essential for evaluating the effectiveness and profitability of such events.
Technology services

Professional Websites / Apps

We develop corporate websites connected with CRM & marketing systems.

Marketing Automation & Chatbots

We design and execute Marketing Automation strategies and activate chatbots.

Lead Magnets

We create engaging, visual content, such as ebooks and whitepapers, to monetize and build your database.

Landing Pages AMP

High-performance landing pages for campaigns with speed and conversion rate focus.
Marketing services

SEO Positioning

Planning and execution of Onpage/Offpage SEO strategies on Google Spain.

PPC Campaigns

Campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and recommended and programmatic networks.

Email Marketing

Generation of proprietary databases and rental of third-party databases for high-impact campaigns.

Linkedin & B2B Social Media

Content strategy and social media management with the goal of obtaining leads.

360 Images and Videos of the Municipality

Photography and videos are essential tools for the tourism marketing of any municipality. High-quality images can help visitors visualize a destination and convince them it's worth a visit.

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Why FreshCommerce?

We offer solutions that integrate strategic vision, digital marketing expertise, and the application of innovative technologies to enhance the attractiveness and sustainability of your tourist destination.

We have a team of consultants specialized in developing strategic tourism plans for municipalities and councils, trained in digital marketing and advanced technology. We design customized tourism products for your municipality.

You can rely on us:

  • Public administration
  • Municipalities
  • Councils

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